Yuzu simbol

The first novel "Colors and white dance on black in the cold sky" lined up in Kindle.
The link below is to page where the novel line up in Amazon, so if you read only a little in your precius time, I'd be so happy. I wish you have something left.
*This novel is only by Japanese.
Colors and white dance on black in the cold sky (Yuzu Yukino)


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   Lyrics coaster of "The music can't be music" re-lined up on Medium. Moved from note to Medium. (2022/11/18)


   The exhibition of Yuzu has started. The works of Yuzu are displayed, so when you had time in your precious life, and if you watched, I and works would be happy. (2021/7/31)


   Paper stories of rice character's, which name is "come~come~comes", started on YouTube. (2021/2/24)